Monday, April 17, 2006

The Pantheon

As I told some of you in my email, we now had two addictions in Rome; cappucinos and gelato. It was hard to go a day without having both.

The Pantheon in Rome is undescribably beautiful. It is as wide as it is tall, thus making it a perfect sphere, proof of how intelligent the ancient Romans were. The source of light into the building from the cupola. It was later taken over and made into a church. Raphael is buried there, and Michaelangelo had a part in some of the works of art in that building.

DH said it was a surreal feeling for him to be in there. I didn't feel that, but maybe I'm just less religiously inclined than he is. I did feel a sense of awe however, to see such beauty, and all for free!

For more pictures of the Pantheon, go to our picture site.
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