Monday, April 17, 2006

Via Veneto and Via Condotti

No trip to Rome would be complete without checking out the haute coutoure and seeing how the other half lives. So after our morning cappucino, we decided to head first to the Borghese. Along the way, we saw nice architecture (afterall, Rome is one largeworking museum) and some open markets full of fruits and vegetables. We decided not to go into the museum that day, not with the Louvre and the British museum still fairly fresh in our minds. So instead, we walked down to Via Veneto to check out the Lambourghini.

From there, we walked to Via Condotti, the fashion district of Rome. This is the equivalent of Robson Street, very few locals would actually shop there, but tourists eat it up like there's no tomorrow. A very nice walk if nothing else and we got to see what the latest spring fashions are. Somehow it still hasn't helped my wardrobe improve.

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