Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Vatican Museum

If I really wanted to annoy my mother (not that she'd be reading this anyway) I could go on and on about what a pompous bunch that created the Vatican and how the riches in there could feed all the world's poor and they'd still have millions in the bank. But I won't.

Instead, I will talk about how beautiful the statues are and how again, awe inspiring the building is. What you could see of it of course. We got up early to head out to the Vatican, and thankfully we did. There was a fair lineup already and 7:45am and the Vatican museum didn't open until 8:00am. There were also tours that were allowed ahead of us, most frustrating, especially since most tours just run their groups through like a bunch of gazelles being chased by a cheetah. I mean what's the point. But I digress (again). DH, having done his homework, took us straight past everything in the museum and up to the Sistine Chapel.

There is a story that when Michaelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel there was a member of the Vatican who annoyed him, and so Michaelangelo painted this man's face on the ass of a donkey. We looked in vain for the donkey, but were unable to find it. Still, the paintings were breath taking, despite all the people in there gawking and talking loudly (guards kept shushing them) and some people taking pictures (a big no no!).

We took our time to go back through the museum and admire all the artwork and statues and gold pieces that the Vatican stole, I mean, are housing for safekeeping. As we walked by a globe with the astrological figures painted on it (see below), I heard a woman who was part of a tour group ask the guide "Is that what they used to believe in?" And that's why we don't join tours.


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