Sunday, April 23, 2006

An Italian meal

I won't say anything about the Colosseum and the Forum since everything is on my picture site. What I will say is that after visiting those places, we went to eat at a restaurant recommended by the hotel we were staying at.

We tried out one of the house dishes, which was, you had a choice of one to ten pastas and they would bring out however many you requested. We stuck with five pastas and a carafe of red wine. The pastas ranged from lasagne to gnocchi (no spaghetti in the five, much to DH's dismay) but they were all fantastic. Very fresh tasting and each one different from the last. By the time we finished the last dish, we were quite ready to roll out of the restaurant comfortably. The walk back took us once again past the Colosseum which we took in, from the outside, with awe.


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