Thursday, April 27, 2006

Introduction to the people

We went for a walk along the boardwalk, and of course, no matter where you go in Istanbul, there's someone wanting you to buy something. We had been walking for a while, so when the gentleman in tie invited us to come and have some coffee, we figured why not. Turkish coffee is lovely, thick and rich and definitely caffeinated. Because it is strong, DH asked if they served dessert at this establishment. Of course, the man responded, and asked us to give him a moment. We saw him scurry back inside, and then a server went to another store, a few doors down. A few moments later, the young man pictured here came over with a tray of delectable looking desserts. Naturally, we both had to try one, and while Turks aren't exactly known for chocolate desserts, these were delicious. Posted by Picasa


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