Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mike Wazowski, Mike Wazowski

We're a strange couple in Istanbul. Okay, anyone who knows us knows we're odd, but not in the sense that we were there. Being a mixed couple, we had alot of people stare at us. But it also meant that people would talk to us alot more too; a lot of them sales people because we were obviously tourist.

When we were at Topkapki Palace, there was a field trip of school children there as well. Seeing us with cameras in hand, there was a lot of waving and "Mehraba". DH took some pictures of the kids and we walked on.

Somewhere down the road though, we met up with the kids again, and this time we were swarmed. Turkish children have an hour's worth of English lessons a day and they were very eager to try it out. They asked us how we were, what's our name, and how old we were. Very old, DH replied. He and I got separated by the group of kids, but then he called over to me to say that one of the little girls wanted to have her picture taken. I heard my name being called by all the kids, and it felt like that scene from Monsters Inc., where Boo calls out to Mike Wazowski and all the other little monsters start saying "Mike Wazowski, Mike Wazowski!"


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